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Dancing is a great way to keep your mind and body healthy. Dance is a very  healthy physical activity, with many far reaching physical, and psychological benefits. Dancing can be enjoyed in many forms, and is for every age and ability. This physical activity appeals to some who may not typically be active and therefore may be another alternative of exercise. Dance for health is a new thing now, and has become an important factor in the prevention, treatment and management in several health circumstances.

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Constance Gbaraneh

Constance Gbaraneh

Dance Instructor

+234 913 302 1583

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of dance do you teach?

We teach all kinds of dance for all ages.

We teach the following types of dance, and and many more:

Hip hop
Modern dance

Kindly call us on +234 913 302 1583, fill the contact us form or send a mail to to get specific answers to your dance needs.

Must I attend dance classes everyday?

No. The dance classes/ sessions are completely self paced. However, occassionally the dance tutors might offer recommendations based on your needs and expectations. 

Can I come to the dance class in my work clothes?

No. You are expected to come with comfortable clothes for the dance classes. At the point of registration, we will tell you what you need to bring with you. Also read the What to expect section on this page. 

How much does it cost for new intakes in the Dance Studio/School?

This is a rundown of what the studio fee would be for new intakes. 
Form – N5,000
Handout – N3,000
Tuition – N30,000
Costumes – N6000 which comprises of the studio T-shirt and rehearsals wears.
Identification Card – N1,000

This makes up a total of N45,000 naira

When can I see the specialist?

Phone us and we will arrange a time for you and the particular person to help you with your health care.

We have different consultants available for brain and spine surgery, pain treatment, sexual health and mental health care.

When is the gym open?

We are open in the morning and evening only.

6 am to 9 am
6 pm to 9 pm
Monday to Saturday

Open all day on Sunday
6 am to 9 pm.

Can I get a list of the drugs that you have?

Yes, we can provide a list of the drugs in stock for you. This makes it easier for you to know what we have.

We can also arrange online payment and delivery to your local address.

Are you affiliated with the Brain and Spine Surgery Ltd in Abuja?

Yes, we have a partnership with the organization and other high quality hospitals in Nigeria.

Do you manage medical emergencies?

No. Please go to the nearest hospital or urgent care facility.

Can I dance with an injured foot?

No. We do not advise this. We strongly recommend that you take some time off to allow your injuries heal properly before you return to dancing. 

What to Expect 

Congratulations for deciding to enroll for a dance class. Whether you are pursuing ballet, jazz, tap, modern, ballroom, or salsa, here are some things to expect at your first lesson and tips to help you succeed in your dance training!

Before your Classes

Decide on whether you want individual classes or group class. 
Expect fast paced lessons 
Be open to learning new routines and techniques.
Recognize that it might take a while to grab the routines but with consistency, you will become a pro in no time. 
Decide on what your dance goals are. 

During your class.

Listen to your instructor.
Ensure you engage in pre dance work out stretches. 
Keep ypur phone on silent to avoid distractions. 

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